Visual Communication

Communication need not be complicated. As a designer, my goal has always been to cut through the clutter so that the idea and its fundamental information can be translated clearly. The ability to apply creativity in uniquely differentiated ways stems from the core of the objective and is driven by the need to inform or persuade. This inspires an innovative mix of content and visuals that defines the piece and ultimately directs the reader to interact with the communication in a captivating way.

This design philosophy comes from being a diverse Creative Director/Manager with over 20 years of cross-channel experiences. Eager to stay abreast of creative media opportunities (print, online, ecommerce and mobile) and new communication design technologies, I strive to develop innovative solutions that inform, engage and persuade successful promotions and interactions.


Driven by strategy and fostered by creative problem solving, I design logos to imprint themselves on the minds of customers by conveying unique attributes that are inspirational as well a quick read. Logos are the embodiment of a personality and the symbolic representation of an experience that makes an emotional connection with the customer. They are an integral part of a company's/manufacturer's brand that allows them to uniquely identify their products or services and over time, symbolize a level of quality that enhances a company's reputation.

Mutual of Omaha Guidelines
Building a memorable brand.

Objective: Refresh a legacy company's brand identity.

Strategy: Integrate new collateral standards on a parallel path with a new "We Begin with Listening" campaign that drove the 'look and feel' of a new corporate website redesign and ultimately launched through digital channels.

Results: A robust effort that not only complimented the "Listening" campaign, but also established a clear voice and tone and hierarchal structure for company-wide communications. In addition, this effort established an important new affiliate logo lockup structure for clearly articulating parental brand with underwritten company affiliates.

The guidelines shown here represent the culmination of a broad creative team effort that drove a multitude of creative expressions. It is also reminiscent of the talent, commitment and support that I experienced from my creative colleagues at Mutual of Omaha. I am grateful for their dedication, respect, kindness and innovation.

Dunder Mifflin Products
Bringing the office to your office.

Objective: Combat declining paper sales, which are being impacted by competitive pricing and shrinking volumes of workplace printing, due to the continued growth of electronic documentation.

Strategy: Using "reverse product placement," increase paper sales by bringing to life a popular fictional brand from a comedy series that is already part of our pop culture.

Results: An extremely popular product for, Dunder Mifflin Copy Paper alone has quickly become one of the company's top five product skus. Based on a successful sales margin, this product is also being sold by Staples, the parent company.


Essendant Infographic Video
Beyond Essential.

Objective: Develop an introductory video for trade and corporate events that quickly highlights the mission, value and services of the company's new brand.

Strategy: Produce an engaging and upbeat video using simplified animation to ensure a quick read and incorporate new brand standards and equity devices to communicate the company's new identity and positioning.

Results: This contemporary presentation has quickly become the featured communication launch tool for introducing the company's refreshed brand at sponsored events, internal kick-offs and resides on Essendant's "Company Overview" web page. Packaging
Guaranteed Quality.

Objective: Bring a freshened look to an outdated packaging design that will strengthen the overall quality and raise the recognition of "own-brand" products.

Strategy: Incorporate new logo and develop contemporary product packaging that will compliment product offering, maintain production costs and enhance brand equity.

Results: A new packaging footprint well liked by the marketing and merchandising teams for its simplicity and strength of brand is currently being implemented, through stock attrition, into well over 2,000 existing product skus.


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